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Wildflower Court can accommodate up to 61 residents. We have 53 single occupancy rooms and 4 double occupancy rooms. The double occupancy rooms are primarily used for short-term rehabilitation stays. All rooms have large bay windows that provide natural lighting and scenic views.

All resident rooms and common areas are on a single floor, allowing easy access for all abilities. The facility is organized into four wings, or “homes”, connected through a series of activity centers and landscaped courtyards. The courtyards and grounds allow residents the opportunity to enjoy outdoor walks and participate in gardening club activities during the spring and summer months.


Conveniently located three miles from downtown Juneau and five miles from Mendenhall Valley , Wildflower Court is situated on the edge of the forest just above Bartlett Regional Hospital.

The architectural design of Wildflower Court is known as “Northwest Cottage” style. The building materials are similar to those used in residential construction. Bay windows provide each private room with scenic views and natural lighting. The gable vaulted lounge and dining areas take full advantage of the natural illumination provided by skylights.

The courtyards and grounds allow residents the opportunity to participate in gardening activities or to enjoy outdoor walks. Everything about the building is designed to accommodate the special needs of those residents with limited mobility.

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